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Our location in Colombia demands that we deal with shipping in a different manner than most retail stores.

This page is dedicated to explaining that method so there is no confusion about your order & arrival dates.

Our shipping pricing has been updated to provide valid shipping costs from Our location in Colombia to your door.  Due to extenuating circumstances related to shipping, we will only ship on pre-planned dates when our target number of orders is reached.  For example to ship to Europe we need 50 plant orders to be able to pay the bulk shipping costs, & get your plants to your door. 

I will update the shipping page with next approximate shipping date & notify customers when their orders have been shipped.  Shipping is crazy complicated from Colombia, but I am determined to make this successful.

Thank you for your Patronage!


Noel Calvert                                                 Jessy Guevara

 Approximate shipping date:Europe June 30th, 2018

Approximate shipping date: USA April 30th ,2018