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About us

GueCal Colombian Tropicals

Who are we?

We are a wholesale nursery who provides plants in quantity to various nurseries across the globe.  Our model has changed to wholesale only due to the large cost & difficulty of shipping from Colombia. 

You can still acquire our plants from these retailers:

USA & Canada:

Farmer Joe Plants

Website: https://farmerjoeplants.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantgreenhouse/ 


The Tropical Plant Company

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetropicalplantcompany/

ebsite:   http://www.thetropicalplantcompany.co.uk/

Our inventory shown here is at zero due to switching to sales through our retail partners listed above.  Please go see them :D

GueCal Vivero Colombiano is a merging of two names of special significance to our company.  My wife, Jessy Guevara, is represented in the name (Gue) & my own name, Noel Calvert, is also represented (Cal).  This is a very visible example of our dedication to each other & to the success of our mission with this company.

This business came about due to a set of circumstances stemming from Jessy & I meeting each other, & deciding to marry.  When I met her, it was love at first sight.  I came to Tumaco, Colombia where we instantly knew we are destined to be together.

I was required to update my tourist visa every 3 months in order to stay here with Jessy until we were legally able to marry. 

This is where this business comes in.  To do this I was required to go to the American Embassy. The closest American Embassy to us is in Tulcan, Ecuador.  This required us to travel, & during these trips I was in awe at the natural world passing by the taxi.  I asked the driver if there was any way to stop & collect plants for cultivation.  He told me we simply needed to pay the cost of the full taxi, & we could stop at any point we wanted. 

This was how our obsession with Colombian tropical plants began.  At this point I attempted to make contact with those people of importance in the world of tropical plants. 

I managed to meet many well known players in the Araceae, & was well on my way to establishing this nursery. 

We are now a part of a unique team of researchers in Colombia put together by Thomas Croat with the objective of documenting the flora of Colombia. 

We are located in San Andres de Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia, South America.  This region is largely unexplored.

You can reach us online at:


Cell Phone: 57(317)687-6154 (Colombian number)

Business Phone: (602)774-0753