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House Plants

What would the home be without green leaves & colorful flowers within?  Here we have a collection suited for the relatively inhospitable environment of the home. 

Plants suitable to be in the home environment with the least amount of climate change necessary to maintain them. 

Note:  These plants are all tropical in nature, so do require a modicum of extra care not normally associated with plants within the home. 



75% indirect or filtered light best achieved by using shear white curtains to filter entering sunlight.  Supplement with 6500 K LED lighting to assure sufficient lighting close to 12/12 cycle if possible.


70% + around the plants.


Room temperature water daily.


All plants in this group require 65F/18.3C to 80F /26.7C & prefer a slight drop of temperature in the evening down to 55F/12.8C


Equal parts of Vermiculite, Chopped Sphagnum Moss, Crushed wood-based charcoal, Crushed Pine Bark.  This mix should drain incredibly well (45 seconds from watering).  Adjust for terrestrial species with an equal part of a good premium potting soil mix.  


A good fertilizer of equal parts such as 15/15/15 or a mix with a higher nitrogen mix such as 15/5/5.  Insure the mix has micro-nutrients especially Magnesium, Molybdenum, Manganese, & Iron for color and leaf health.