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Vivarium Suitable Plants

In our travels here in Colombia we have seen quite the selection of plants as I am sure you can imagine.  We have found Araceae or as they are commonly known Aroids of all class & size.  We have found filmy ferns & long vine type ferns that seem to go on forever, but have wonderful leaf forms perfect for any Amphibian or Reptile habitat.  Many of the plants we have encountered & we have managed to cultivate are new to science & completely new to the horticulture world.


Tiny Peperomia species

On this Blog you will find stories every week or so about our varied travels here in Colombia.  Each will feature the new treasures we are bringing into cultivation so that you may enjoy them in your local Vivarium habitat.  Though we are a nursery with the object of making money by providing live plants for your trade, our main goal is eco-friendly in nature with a long term plan involving rescuing these new species to place them in cultivation and protect them from the inevitable decline of habitat caused by human intrusion.

Tiny Columnea species

Our last trip out was in March of 2016.  We have not been out again due to our transportation being stolen, but we are planning to go back out again in January.  

Below you will find our Vivarium Collection.  We truly do hope you enjoy the experience here at GueCal Colombian Tropicals.




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